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    • $34.90$299.00


      Traditional look and feel with canvas heading & brass grommets.

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    • $42.90$198.90


      Modern Fabric combines the flyability of nlyon and durability of polyester. Comes with canvas heading & grommets.

      *Not recommended for areas near the ocean

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    • $9.25$2,096.90


      with Dura-Lite Nylon. Our most popular and versatile flag. Rich, lustrous color; excellent durability; lightweight for maximum flyability. Available in a full range of sizes. Sizes 15’x25′ and larger might take 2-3 weeks for delivery. • Rich, vivid colors • Durable, fast colors • Excellent durability • Fire-resistant • Lightweight for flyability • Moth-proof • Mildew resistant • Sheds water...

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    • $45.90$2,726.90


      2-Ply rugged weave, 100% Polyester. Ideal for industrial and institutional use where the flag is flown daily for 24 hours.The open polyester weave allows air to move through the flag, reducing wear. In addition, Polyester gives a true fabric feel and look, and resembles traditional cotton but with greater strength, and wearability. Stars are embroidered on smaller flags and appliqued on larger sizes. (*With the exception of the Duraknit, which has more of a shiny look to it and is a dyed flag as opposed to a sewn flag.) Elmer’s flags are the highest quality and meet or exceed government standards. Sizes 15’x25′ and larger might take 4-6 weeks for delivery • available in a...

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