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    • $139.95


      Holds 10 Р20 kites! Rolls up neatly like a burrito and provides a nice clean surface at the field where you can work on your kites without losing parts in the sand or grass. Mesh pocket ends drain sand. Organizes ten kites, spare parts and line-sets in separate pockets, and if you need to travel with your whole collection it can easily roll up with an additional ten kites. For travel, it folds neatly at half length to fit it in an overhead compartment. Nicely padded and contoured shoulder strap will not slip as you run for cover in a rain...

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    • $29.95


      You’re sure to cause a shock! Electrify your kiteline with this colorful piece of line art. The remarkable zigzag shape holds firm in the wind Bolts are 10 feet long with six colorful...

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