If you’ve got an outdoor flagpole, one of the biggest frustrations you find yourself dealing with is having the flag twist around the pole. However, there are some simple tips you can follow to prevent this from happening.

1. Choose Your Flagpole Placement Carefully

Flagpole placement is one of the most important factors in whether your flag will twist around the pole. Installation issues can cause twisting, but the most common culprit is excessive high winds. Installing your flagpole somewhere without excessive high winds can prevent the issue.

4 Tips to Keep Your Flag From Twisting Around the Pole

While your options may be limited, you may consider placing your flagpole closer to a structure or a large tree. These can break incoming gusts, making twisting less common while still allowing the flag to capture the wind. A flag with a completely uninterrupted corridor for wind can develop issues, including twisting.

2. Try an Anti-Furling Kit

Flags have been around for a long time, so plenty of people throughout history have experienced the same problem you’re dealing with. If your flagpole is already in place, then choosing a better location might not be an option. Instead, an anti-furling kit could be just what you need.

There are a variety of anti-furling kits available today that can prevent twisting. In most cases, they’ll include a fixture that is mounted to the top of the flagpole. This fixture will rotate, which means that the twisting motion of the flag will simply move the flag safely to the other side rather than twisting it up.

3. Install a Rotating Flagpole

Similar to anti-furling kits, you can also find rotating flagpoles. The entire exterior of the flagpole rotates, making twisting a complete non-issue. These types of flagpoles are also called no-tangle flag poles.

4. Try Using a Heavier Flag

If your flag is always getting twisted, even in light winds, then it may be too light. Going with a high-quality, heavy flag made with quality materials can solve the problem. If you’re dealing with twisting on an existing flag pole, this is likely the easiest option to try.

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