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Create a custom flag or banner for your wedding

Create a custom flag or banner for your wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable of your life. It’s a Very Big Deal that brings together family and friends in a wonderful moment of love and celebration. Long months go into planning every little detail and you want your guests to enjoy the day as much as the happy couple.

There is no shortage of unique and inventive ideas to make your wedding day really shine, from the announcements to the final reception dance, and flags and banners can be a big part of it. Yard signs, table runners, and “Just Married” banners are but a few ways to incorporate a special touch.

Fly the Colors

Custom wedding flags are great for presenting the union of two family lineages, in a central location above the reception table, perhaps, or in various locations throughout the venue. Flags can also be made with colors matching or adding to the event’s décor in many different ways.

  • Give personalized flags as wedding gifts.
  • Add the couple’s last names or initials to the lineage flag as a keepsake gift.
  • Place small flags with the couple’s names and wedding date around the church and reception hall.
  • Give guest mini flags to wave at the end of the ceremony, or give small flags as wedding favors and car window flags are a fun way for guests to celebrate on the way to the reception.
  • Line walkways or garden paths with small flags to add a personal touch.

Lead the Way

Directional banners and signs placed strategically around town will help everyone find their way to the wedding and reception venues without getting lost. It won’t do to have grandparents or half of the wedding party wandering about town. Just be sure to take the signs down the next day.

More Options

Another fun way to use flags and banners is to announce specific moments at the reception. Guests can raise paper flags to herald the couple’s arrival, the first dance, cake-cutting, and more. An elegant “Just Married” banner behind the wedding party table is a great touch, and one on the post-wedding vehicle is always special.

Don’t forget that banners can make a memorable alternative to traditional guest books. Have guests sign a huge banner that becomes a wedding memory, or display photos of the couple on a tastefully made banner at the reception.

For more tips on creating wedding flags or banners, contact Elmer’s Flag an Banner at (503) 282-1214 or elmersflag.com.

Event Planning and Design Using Feather Flags and Custom Banners

Hosting events is a great way to raise public awareness of your brand, boost sales, and improve your public image, depending on the type of event.  While sales events merely encourage more consumers to interact with your brand, charity events also benefit populations in need, create positive associations with your brand, and help you connect with consumers that support particular charities.
Of course, you need to make sure any events you host are thoughtfully planned and designed to further your brand image while helping you to meet specific goals and conversions (making sales, increasing membership for mailing lists, engendering public goodwill, etc.).  There are many factors to consider, but you may want to start with the first thing customers will see – the flags and banners leading into your event.
Feather Flags
Feather flags are tall, slender flags that attach to a vertical pole and resemble a feather, or a very narrow sail.  They may stand 12-16 feet tall or higher, and with an array of vibrant colors and designs, they definitely make for an eye-catching addition to your storefront.  You can order them in branded colors for use year-round, or choose bright, primary hues like red or yellow to draw attention to your location and your event.
Feather flags are not only a colorful way to grab the attention of passersby; they also pick up the breeze to create an attractive rippling effect that catches the eye through motion.  When you line a walkway leading into your event location with feather flags, you’re sure to signal to passersby that something out of the ordinary is going on.
Custom Banners
When you’re advertising a special event, having custom banners in place is the best way to let passersby know what’s happening.  Naturally, you’ll advertise locally and online through your website and social media channels in the days leading up to the event, but for optimal coverage, you also need day-of signage to let people know you’re having a sale, promoting a product launch, or hosting a charity event, just for example.
The right custom banners will support your brand imaging with appropriate colors, logos, and so on, as well as deliver pertinent information about your event.  The goal is to serve as a notice and/or reminder that the event is on to bring people in the door and perhaps cater to media coverage with an attractive storefront.  You might even add signage that encourages selfies and sharing.  You can find the dazzling feather flags and custom banners you need to make your event a hit at Elmer’s Flag & Banner.

4 Ways to Increase Retail Sales in 2019

Every business wants to see growth year over year.  What can you do in 2019 to ensure increasing returns?  Here are a few important ways to update and improve for increased retail sales this year.
Make Sure You’re Using the Right Technologies
Technology can be your best friend in the retail space, but you have to choose the hardware and programs that are right for your needs and that cater to customer expectations.  Modern POS systems are a must, and depending on your operation, this could include self-checkout terminals.  You may also want to add a customer loyalty program with scannable cards or codes.
In this day and age, tracking tools are a must-have, and this includes options to accurately track inventory (with barcode scanning, for example).  You should also track customer interactions (visits, virtual shopping carts, sales, etc.) so you can remarket and otherwise personalize the consumer experience with your brand.
Increase Buying Opportunities
You have your brick-and-mortar locations, as well as an online store through your website, but are you giving your customers every opportunity to complete a transaction?  In 2019, it’s all about diversifying your channels, and this means adding options to buy through social media platforms when possible.
Since Facebook teamed up with Shopify, you have the opportunity to create virtual retail space on a platform that now boasts over 2.27 billion active users.  Instagram has also added the option for shoppable posts, and other social media platforms are getting on board with merchant options.  You just have to follow the rules to make the most of every potential sales channel.
Adjust Your Marketing Strategy
The ongoing evolution of the retail marketing landscape means you constantly have to adjust to ensure you’re reaching customers and making a connection that results in desired conversions.  This could mean updating your website, adding PPC to your strategy, or coming up with innovative ideas for social media viral campaigns.  Follow trends, but make sure your strategies are true to your brand.
Update Your Retail Space
Many modern consumers are looking for an experience when they shop in a real-world setting, and you need to provide it with a retail space that speaks to your audience.  Attractive, intuitive layout and design and stellar customer service are stapes of any successful retail operations, but you might also want to add experiential elements, like a scavenger hunt (like the Cost Plus golden bell that nets you a discount when you find it in store) or classes that encourage patronage (like Lululemon’s weekly yoga classes).
The right updates can revamp your retail space, increase visibility and awareness, and help you connect with customers in new ways.  Start with new commercial flags and banners from Elmer’s Flag & Banner.

Want to attract new customers? How custom feather flags can help

Outdoor advertising continues to be a thriving brand-builder amid a growing digital marketing landscape. The reason? Outdoor signage, like feather flags, captures an audience’s attention where they live, work and shop. Its immediate appeal is especially useful for small businesses with limited marketing budgets that need to generate awareness. These feather flag tactics are perfect for any small company looking to draw more customers.

Create a Shout Out for Your Business
With many businesses located in strip malls and large shopping plazas, it’s hard to get noticed by busy street traffic. A customized feather flag takes your bold logo and brand name to potential customers who are just driving by. Like a shout out on social media, a feather flag boosts your brand at the local level where it matters most.

Drive a Promotion
Whether it’s a special on specific products or services, a limited time sale, or a BOGO, feather flags cleverly customized to fit a promotional offer become powerful sales drivers. The stats show that nearly twenty-six percent of consumers who encountered outdoor ads like feather flags stopped into the promoted business. A distinctive custom feather flag with a concise and exciting offer is clearly the best ROI for generating foot traffic.

Seize Seasonal Opportunities
Nimble adaptation in their marketing efforts is what drives small business. Without the hefty cost of broadcast or digital media, brands can modify their message to relevant marketing occasions throughout the year with feather flags. Customized flags for national holidays can capture a segment of consumers from big box stores and shopping malls. For seasonal events like graduations and weddings, a customized feather flag can steer customers to your local business with timely messaging.

Creating Brand Awareness Through Customization
The versatility of feather flag advertising is in the customization. The eye-catching logo, a remarkable business name and memorable brand color schemes that define your business can establish a lasting engagement with local consumers. Strategically placed, feather flags become powerful enticements that reach consumers while driving to work or school and set your business apart from the competition that might chose to do nothing.

You are not alone in figuring out the best way to market your business with feather flags. Experts can provide meaningful help with strategy, messaging and custom designs that make your brand stand out. Speak to an outdoor advertising consultant to define a customized feather flag strategy that fits your business.

Should You Purchase A Single Or Double Sided Feather Flag?

If you are in the market for a custom feather flag, one of the first things you will need to decide is whether it should be single sided or double sided. People typically assume that all flags are double sided, which simply is not the case. If this sounds like you, read on to learn the difference.

Single Sided Feather Flags
As the name suggests, single sided flags are printed on one side, leaving the other side blank. However, the reverse side of the sign is usually somewhat transparent such that the printed side is still visible. These types of flags are ideal for situations where visibility is required, such as roadside advertisements. A well-placed feather flag with minimal printing can go a long way, and having the other side remain transparent is more of an advantage than a detriment, as it will be visible to commuters in both directions.

Double Sided Feather Flags
Double sided feather flags are comprised of two flags that have been sewn together, usually with a blocker in-between. The most obvious use for double sided flags is to have two different graphics on each side, though they can also be printed with the same image on each side. In the case of the latter, the blocker would reduce distortion between the two images.

Double sided flags are perfect for relaying information, indoor and outdoor use, and are a great means of conveying intricate information about your services.

Which Feather Flag Option Is Right For Me?
Despite any preconceived notions, most banner flags are single sided. However, that doesn’t mean a single sided flag is suitable for your purposes. Before finalizing a purchase, consider how you intend to use the flag. Are you trying to draw attention or convey a message? How many words do you need on your flag? Are you using the flag indoors or outdoors? Are you using the flag on the side of the road, at a booth, or somewhere else? Answering all of these questions will help you determine which option is right for you.

Still having trouble? Contact Elmer’s Flag and Banner today and let us help you out. We’ve been in business since 1963 and have provided customers all over the world with top notch flags and banners for over 50 years. Our incredible team is ready to assist with any inquiries you may have. Don’t hesitate, contact us today!

Raise Money For Your Little League Team With Custom Banner Sponsorships

What better way to let onlookers know who your event sponsors are than with a custom banner? Ensure that your sponsors get the most out of their contribution with a prominent, cost-effective promotional banner. If you’re still on the fence, here are a few more reasons why you should raise money for your little league team with custom banner sponsorships.

Custom Banners Are Reusable
When it comes to longevity, custom banners are the most economic way to go. Instead of shelling out top dollar to a marketing team, why not just turn a single payment into years of use? Banners get a lot of use without the detriment of recurring costs or hidden fees. On top of that, banners are lightweight and portable, ensuring they can be transported and displayed just about anywhere. Even if you are just creating this as a one-off banner, you could still find plenty of ways to make use of it in the future.

Banner Sponsorships Provide Endless Fundraising Options
Many parents and little league associations are somewhat in the dark when it comes to raising money for their team. At first, the process can seem somewhat all-consuming and intimidating. However, fundraising is one of the most fundamental means of longevity for any organization, and this is no different for little league teams. Whether your team needs new uniforms, field maintenance, equipment, transportation funds, or something else, sponsorships are a surefire way to ensure the operation runs smoothly and no one is struggling.

Once an organization agrees to sponsor you, this gives your team a fair amount of clout and opens the door to further sponsorships. In these cases, it is a good idea to consider purchasing a few custom banners emblazoned with your sponsors’ logos. In addition to thanking your sponsors by advertising their brand, you are also opening the door to new fundraising options down the line.

Contact Us For More Info
Elmer’s Flag and Banner is proud to offer a convenient customized banner design service. Whether you’re looking to raise funds or thanking those who have already donated, our banners are the perfect means of displaying gratitude. We offer a variety of print variations, including appliqué, digital print, and cut vinyl, so there’s no shortage of options for creating a banner specifically suited to the needs of your team. If you’re ready to take the next step towards obtaining lucrative sponsorships, give us a call today to get your project started.

How to transform your car business with auto flags

Auto flags and banners are a great way to transform your car business without a lot of expense or effort. If you are looking for something to boost your sales or visibility, auto flags are a great option. Here are a few specific reasons that a car business owner should consider using auto flags.
Auto flags are incredibly versatile, and you can use them in a variety of locales. You can use auto flags on the sidewalks or near the entryways to your car business to bring in more customers. On the lot, they can be used as demarcation of models or brands of vehicles in certain areas. Instead of paying a lot of money for expensive neon signage, opt for auto flags.
Street pole banners are akin to lamppost signs and can be used to boost brand awareness as well as fun seasonal decorations. Larger, ceiling-hung banners are great at auto shows because they catch the eye and relay a clear brand message.
Auto flags can also be personalized to fit your business needs. They can be different shapes, with different colors, fonts, or messages. Their versatility is one of the top reasons auto flags are an excellent marketing tactic.
Auto flags also serve multiple functions. Some have messages that are horizontally flipped, reading from the bottom up, whereas others display the regular left-to-right reading format. Depending on the length of your message, you can decide which is the best for you.
With the requisite flagpole hardware, auto flags can be used as interchangeable elements of your all-in-one advertising campaign. Auto flags are also great at targeting specific audiences with your brand message.
The last great benefit of choosing auto flags as a solution to your marketing needs is their durability. Flags are waterproof, weatherproof, and windproof, and they do not need constant upkeep, electricity, or any other outside component. Your average auto flag will last years and, if you have the flagpole hardware, you can switch out your flags when you need to, tailoring your marketing even further.
To build a more solid customer base, you should consider the benefits of auto flags for your car business. Auto flags increase brand recognition, announce events, advertise more effectively and in all weather, and attract new customer attention. Contact the experts at Elmer’s Flag & Banner so you can start building a more recognizable brand today.

When to use custom flags or banners for your brand

In this digital age, business owners may overlook the benefits of traditional advertising techniques when they are thinking about ways to boost their brand and expand their customer base. That being said, physical advertising still has many benefits for varied businesses. Even in the age of viral videos and social media platforms, a physical ad is still a tried-and-true method of marketing.

Whether you’re approaching the initial launch of your business, rebranding, or relocating, using custom flags and banners in your marketing campaign is a smart idea. As you consider the different aspects of your marketing campaign like cost, effort, and format, you will also want to consider timing.

When is the best time to use custom banners and flags to boost your business? Anytime is a great time to use them, and here are a few reasons why:

Small investment, big return

When using custom flags or banners to boost your customer base or brand recognition, you should think about how much the banners and hardware initially cost. Then think about the return you are getting for your initial investment. Every time a person reads a customized banner, they are now a potential customer.

Banners and flags also advertise for your comapny 24 hours a day, seven days a week, rain or shine. Banners and flags are durable and weatherproof, and they don’t need outside up-keep or components like electricity. Also, when you opt for flag pole hardware, you can swap out your flag when you need to, providing multiple marketing options.

Optimal events

Custom flags and banners are a great idea for any business, but to be savvy in your marketing strategy, you will want to use them at the optimal moment. A few of the events for which businesses use custom flags and banners are as follows:

  • Grand openings
  • Parades
  • Celebrations
  • Trade shows
  • Community events
  • Open houses
  • Product launches

The marvelous thing about using custom banners and flags is that they are quite simple mechanically and yet have a big impact. A banner or a flag gently flapping on the breeze is sure to catch many consumers’ eyes.

If you want to up your game when it comes to marketing and advertising, consider the versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness of custom banners and flags. Be sure to choose a company that has the variety of flags and banners you need, like the selection at Elmer’s Flag & Banner.

Promote Your Business with Custom Flags and Banners

Promote Your Business with Custom Flags and Banners

Promote Your Business with Custom Flags and Banners

If you are looking to make your brand stand out and drive traffic to your business, it is crucial to use a variety of marketing platforms. Most modern businesses advertise online, but online marketing alone may not get you noticed. In the digital age, it can be easy to overlook more traditional modes of advertising. Rather than always relying on screens, try putting your brand out there in physical space. Consider enhancing the visibility of your brand with custom flags and banners.

24/7 Brand Exposure
These attractive marketing tools can make your brand larger than life. Just imagine: a big, bright banner waving in the breeze above your store, providing you with effective brand exposure 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Custom flags and banners are beautiful, durable, effective, and unique.

Custom Flags and Banners are Versatile
There are numerous places where custom flags and banners can be displayed. Some ideas include: sales events, trade shows, grand openings, community parties and events, conferences and conventions, product launches, open houses, and parades. They can be used to encourage walk-in traffic, promote sales, or just to reinforce your brand. Flags and banners are available in a variety of sizes, and can be used both inside and outside. They are created to be eye-catching from far away, as well as close up.

100% Customizable
As the term “custom” suggests, our flags and banners are 100% customizable. You can select colors and designs that match the look of your business and brand. You can choose shapes and sizes that suit your specific needs. You might use banners and flags to communicate detailed information, or keep your banners and flags simple with a brand logo. Banners and flags with specific information are a great way to inform the public about sales and other promotions, while classic banners and flags with your company’s logo or colors are useful again and again.

One-Time Investment
Compared to other forms of advertising, custom flags and banners require a relatively small, one-time investment that can provide an ongoing return. These durable products can be taken down and put back up again, as needed. Best of all, your custom flags and banners will never go out of style. Unless they sustain some kind of major damage, your banners and flags will never need to be replaced. These versatile flags and banners will come in handy for many years to come. Consider making custom flags and banners part of your advertising strategy.

The History of the Irish Flag – Bratach na hÉireann

The History of the Irish Flag – Bratach na hÉireann

Bratach na hÉireann (The Irish Flag)

Commonly referred to as the Irish Tricolor, the National Flag of Ireland is a vertical tricolor of green, white and orange. Proportionally, the flag is laid out at a 1:2 ratio, being twice as long as it is high. The flag was first flown publicly on March 7, 1848 during the Young Irelander Rebellion at the Wolfe Tone Confederate Club in Waterford City. A leader of the Young Irelander movement named Thomas Francis Meagher was the first to fly the flag. Meagher would later become a Brigadier General in the American Civil War fighting for the Union Army. Later Meager would become Governor of Montana. When Meagher first flew the Irish Flag in 1848, it touched the skies for eight days and night until the British finally brought it down.

Having been inspired by the rebellion in France that overthrew King Louis Philippe I, Meagher and a band of Young Irelanders embarked to France to congratulate the French rebels and returned with an Irish Flag of French silk. When he returned to Ireland, Meagher explained: “The white in the center signifies a lasting truce between the orange and the green, and I trust that beneath its folds the hands of the Irish Protestant and the Irish Catholic may be clasped, in generous and heroic brotherhood.” In this way, the Green symbolizes the Irish Nationalism or the Gaelic tradition while the Orange represented the “Orange Order” the supporters of William of Orange or the Protestant minority of the island as a whole. The White, the hope of a lasting peace between the two.

Despite the flag’s early appearance in Waterford, it was not until the Easter Rebellion of 1916 that the tricolor became seen as the official national flag, when it was raised above the general post office in Dublin at the height of the Eater Rising. After being adopted by the rebels of the Easter Rising, the Irish Republic in turn adopted the the Tricolor as its flag during the War of Independence from 1919-1921. A tradition that was then continued by the Irish Free State that was given birth at the end of the War of Independence. The flag was officially adopted by the Irish Free State in 1922. Later the flag was granted “Constitutional Status” in 1937 with the ratification of the Constitution of Ireland.

In Ireland today, the Department of the Taoiseach (“the head of government” or Prime Minister of Ireland) oversees matters concerning the flag. Precise colors are set by the Department of the Taoiseach at Green RGB: 22/155/98, White RGB: 255/255/255, Orange RGB: 255/136/62. The flag should be displayed on a proper flagstaff with the Green pale closest to the flagstaff, the White in the center and the Orange “at the fly” or farthest from the flagstaff.

A previous version of the Irish Flag (shown here) was originally used in 1642 by Owen Rose O’Neill, a mercenary soldier from the O’Neill clan of Ulster. This earliest flag featured a Harp in the center. While no longer a part of the flag, the Harp does remain the National Symbol of Ireland, making it the only country in the world to have a musical instrument as its national symbol.

You can find the Irish Flag on Elmer’s store here: Flag of Ireland