Every business wants to see growth year over year.  What can you do in 2019 to ensure increasing returns?  Here are a few important ways to update and improve for increased retail sales this year.
Make Sure You’re Using the Right Technologies
Technology can be your best friend in the retail space, but you have to choose the hardware and programs that are right for your needs and that cater to customer expectations.  Modern POS systems are a must, and depending on your operation, this could include self-checkout terminals.  You may also want to add a customer loyalty program with scannable cards or codes.
In this day and age, tracking tools are a must-have, and this includes options to accurately track inventory (with barcode scanning, for example).  You should also track customer interactions (visits, virtual shopping carts, sales, etc.) so you can remarket and otherwise personalize the consumer experience with your brand.
Increase Buying Opportunities
You have your brick-and-mortar locations, as well as an online store through your website, but are you giving your customers every opportunity to complete a transaction?  In 2019, it’s all about diversifying your channels, and this means adding options to buy through social media platforms when possible.
Since Facebook teamed up with Shopify, you have the opportunity to create virtual retail space on a platform that now boasts over 2.27 billion active users.  Instagram has also added the option for shoppable posts, and other social media platforms are getting on board with merchant options.  You just have to follow the rules to make the most of every potential sales channel.
Adjust Your Marketing Strategy
The ongoing evolution of the retail marketing landscape means you constantly have to adjust to ensure you’re reaching customers and making a connection that results in desired conversions.  This could mean updating your website, adding PPC to your strategy, or coming up with innovative ideas for social media viral campaigns.  Follow trends, but make sure your strategies are true to your brand.
Update Your Retail Space
Many modern consumers are looking for an experience when they shop in a real-world setting, and you need to provide it with a retail space that speaks to your audience.  Attractive, intuitive layout and design and stellar customer service are stapes of any successful retail operations, but you might also want to add experiential elements, like a scavenger hunt (like the Cost Plus golden bell that nets you a discount when you find it in store) or classes that encourage patronage (like Lululemon’s weekly yoga classes).
The right updates can revamp your retail space, increase visibility and awareness, and help you connect with customers in new ways.  Start with new commercial flags and banners from Elmer’s Flag & Banner.