For many U.S. households, displaying the American flag is an important statement. Whether you’re waving your flag on Independence Day or showcasing your patriotic spirit year-round, a U.S. flag is a meaningful tribute to the nation.

The flag is also a symbol many homes use to honor those who have served the country faithfully through time. No matter what the reason for flying the American flag may be, there are best practices associated with the act. Adhering to these practices ensures that you’re flying the flag respectfully.

1. When the Flag Is Visible Matters

Traditional guidelines for displaying the American flag stipulate that the flag should be flown in public between sunrise and sunset exclusively. So if you plan on keeping the flag up past dusk, make sure it’s illuminated in some way.

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2. Keep an Eye on the Weather

Don’t fly your American flag in adverse weather conditions. This would include during snowstorms, rain, and severe wind storms. The exception to this rule would be households that are utilizing an ultra-durable all-weather American flag.

3. Consider Placement

American flags hoisted in front of schools, polling places, and public institutions should always have a position near the main entrance of the building. Because the standard procedure is to raise the flag in this location briskly each morning and lower it ceremoniously in the evenings.

4. Keep an Eye on Flag Edges

One of the most important rules regarding flag etiquette is what the flag touches as it’s hoisted or lowered. The American flag must never be touching the ground at any time.

This means paying particular attention to flag edges as they are lifted and lowered. The flag should always be displayed high enough off the ground and that there is no risk of contact.

5. Color Placement Matters

Whether an American flag is displayed at a private residence or a public institution, color positioning matters. Make sure that flags hung vertically are positioned so that the blue section is always on the observer’s left side.

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