Your wedding day is one of the most memorable of your life. It’s a Very Big Deal that brings together family and friends in a wonderful moment of love and celebration. Long months go into planning every little detail and you want your guests to enjoy the day as much as the happy couple.

There is no shortage of unique and inventive ideas to make your wedding day really shine, from the announcements to the final reception dance, and flags and banners can be a big part of it. Yard signs, table runners, and “Just Married” banners are but a few ways to incorporate a special touch.

Fly the Colors

Custom wedding flags are great for presenting the union of two family lineages, in a central location above the reception table, perhaps, or in various locations throughout the venue. Flags can also be made with colors matching or adding to the event’s décor in many different ways.

  • Give personalized flags as wedding gifts.
  • Add the couple’s last names or initials to the lineage flag as a keepsake gift.
  • Place small flags with the couple’s names and wedding date around the church and reception hall.
  • Give guest mini flags to wave at the end of the ceremony, or give small flags as wedding favors and car window flags are a fun way for guests to celebrate on the way to the reception.
  • Line walkways or garden paths with small flags to add a personal touch.

Lead the Way

Directional banners and signs placed strategically around town will help everyone find their way to the wedding and reception venues without getting lost. It won’t do to have grandparents or half of the wedding party wandering about town. Just be sure to take the signs down the next day.

More Options

Another fun way to use flags and banners is to announce specific moments at the reception. Guests can raise paper flags to herald the couple’s arrival, the first dance, cake-cutting, and more. An elegant “Just Married” banner behind the wedding party table is a great touch, and one on the post-wedding vehicle is always special.

Don’t forget that banners can make a memorable alternative to traditional guest books. Have guests sign a huge banner that becomes a wedding memory, or display photos of the couple on a tastefully made banner at the reception.

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