Hosting events is a great way to raise public awareness of your brand, boost sales, and improve your public image, depending on the type of event.  While sales events merely encourage more consumers to interact with your brand, charity events also benefit populations in need, create positive associations with your brand, and help you connect with consumers that support particular charities.
Of course, you need to make sure any events you host are thoughtfully planned and designed to further your brand image while helping you to meet specific goals and conversions (making sales, increasing membership for mailing lists, engendering public goodwill, etc.).  There are many factors to consider, but you may want to start with the first thing customers will see – the flags and banners leading into your event.
Feather Flags
Feather flags are tall, slender flags that attach to a vertical pole and resemble a feather, or a very narrow sail.  They may stand 12-16 feet tall or higher, and with an array of vibrant colors and designs, they definitely make for an eye-catching addition to your storefront.  You can order them in branded colors for use year-round, or choose bright, primary hues like red or yellow to draw attention to your location and your event.
Feather flags are not only a colorful way to grab the attention of passersby; they also pick up the breeze to create an attractive rippling effect that catches the eye through motion.  When you line a walkway leading into your event location with feather flags, you’re sure to signal to passersby that something out of the ordinary is going on.
Custom Banners
When you’re advertising a special event, having custom banners in place is the best way to let passersby know what’s happening.  Naturally, you’ll advertise locally and online through your website and social media channels in the days leading up to the event, but for optimal coverage, you also need day-of signage to let people know you’re having a sale, promoting a product launch, or hosting a charity event, just for example.
The right custom banners will support your brand imaging with appropriate colors, logos, and so on, as well as deliver pertinent information about your event.  The goal is to serve as a notice and/or reminder that the event is on to bring people in the door and perhaps cater to media coverage with an attractive storefront.  You might even add signage that encourages selfies and sharing.  You can find the dazzling feather flags and custom banners you need to make your event a hit at Elmer’s Flag & Banner.