When the warm summer breeze gives way to a crisp chill and the leaves begin to litter the ground, it can only mean one thing: fall season is here again. Time to break out the layers, brew some cider, and cozy up for the cool days ahead.

It may also be time to update your décor. The right fall flag can help you roll out the red (and orange and yellow) carpet for the arrival of autumn and greet the new season in style.

Fun Fall Flags to Welcome the Autumn Season

Seasonal Garden Flags

The last harvest of the year can leave your garden looking a little barren. Fortunately, one of the best ways to spruce up a sparse veggie patch than with a festive seasonal flag.

Elements inspired by Halloween and Día de Los Muertos — like jack-o-lanterns, black cats, and vivid sugar skulls — are sure to get you and your neighbors in the holiday spirit. Or you can opt for a more general autumnal motif with warm earth tones and signature fall flowers like mums or celosia.

Sports Team Flags

Many popular sports kick off their seasons in early fall. Whether your want to support your local players, fly the colors of your alma mater, or show your devotion to your favorite pro team, we’ve got you covered.

With a wide range of officially licensed flags, all printed in vibrant color on durable 100% polyester, you can proudly display your team’s logo all season long, with no worries of damage or fading.

Beer Mug Flag

Some households go all out with their Halloween decorations, while others prefer to honor the bountiful blessings of fall with dried flowers, cornucopias, and hand-woven wreaths. Still others associate short days and long sleeves with another, less expected offering: beer.

If you’re the kind of person that counts down the days until Oktoberfest every year, you’re in luck. Our Oktoberfest banner will allow you to proclaim your love for beer with a frothy flag.

Custom Flags

Having trouble deciding which seasonal flag to decorate your home with? No problem — you can always try designing your own.

Maybe you want a personalized piece to commemorate your family’s annual Thanksgiving football game. Or maybe you’re envisioning your surname surrounded by hallmark seasonal icons, like scattered leaves or hearty end-of-the-year crops. If you have a bright idea for a one-of-a-kind fall flag, we have the perfect flag to print it on.

Fall Flags for Every Occasion

The friendly and experienced team at Elmer’s Flag & Banner is always ready to help you find or custom-create flags to liven up your home and your mood. Call today for recommendations or answers to any questions you might have!