When it comes to eye-catching outdoor decor, flags can make a big statement. Incorporating a flag into your outdoor aesthetic is a simple and sophisticated way to enhance the look of any exterior space.

From American flags that highlight patriotism to world flags that pay homage to heritage, a flag can tell a story without any words needed at all. Similarly, fun yard flags can integrate a pop of color where it’s needed most. Investing in nautical flags is another option when you’re looking to enhance the exterior of your boat!

While all of these outdoor flags serve a greater purpose, keeping them clean can be a bit more complex. When exposed to the elements, it doesn’t take long for an outdoor flag to lose its luster.

Fortunately, learning how to clean an outdoor flag effectively is relatively simple. The following breaks it down so you can keep your flags looking their best year-round.

Cleaning Nylon and Polyester Outdoor Flags

Depending on what material your outdoor flag is made of, you’re going to need to approach the cleaning process differently. Machine washing works well if the flag is nylon, polyester, or a similar synthetic material blend.

Make sure to use a delicate cold-water cycle when washing a flat in the washing machine. Using a mild detergent is highly recommended to keep colors vibrant.

The Drying Process

When the cycle is complete, simply lay the flag on a flat surface to dry. If you notice wrinkles have developed, carefully ironing them out is advisable before hanging the flag back up outdoors.

How to Clean an Outdoor Flag

Cleaning Flags Made of Natural Materials

Outdoor flags produced using wool, cotton, or other natural materials require a more delicate approach. For these flags, hand washing or dry cleaning is recommended.

If you choose to hand wash your outdoor flag, make sure to use tepid water and oxygen-based bleach. Allowing the flag to soak in this mix for four hours will ensure a thorough clean.

The Drying Process

When the flag is done soaking, lay it flat to try and feel free to iron out wrinkles just as you would on synthetic material-based flags.

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