There are many ways to decorate your home and show your personality, but few are more meaningful and visible than house flags. While it’s normal to see flags flying on special occasions like the Fourth of July or Veteran’s Day, you might wonder how you can use flags as indoor and outdoor decoration for the rest of the year.

The good news is there’s no shortage of ways to decorate your home and get the most out of your decorative flags.

How to Use and Get the Most Out of Your Decorative House Flags

Choose House Flags that Have Year-Round Appeal

One great way to get extensive use from any flag you hang around the house is to choose options that have year-round appeal. While you could leave seasonal or holiday flags up well beyond their relevant dates, you have to consider what kind of message you’re sending when flying a Christmas flag in the middle of summer.

For lasting appeal, you can never go wrong flying a US or state flag, as well as flags that show your support for the military or fire and police departments. You can always swap in your seasonal or holiday flags when the appropriate date rolls around.

Show Your Team Pride

Many people like to show support for their favorite sports teams by donning jerseys, sweaters, caps, and other branded merchandise when the team has a game. Whether you follow college or professional sports, and whether you like football, basketball, baseball, hockey, or all of the above, it’s natural to want to show your team pride.

Hanging a sports-related flag is a great way to show team spirit any time of the year. You could hang your flag during the sports season or swap them as football wraps up and hockey heads toward playoffs. It can be a fun way to connect with neighbors, even in friendly rivalry.

Choose from a Range of Fun House Flags

If you’re not a sports fan and you’d rather save your US flag for key days during the year, you can still have fun with a range of novelty flags. Windsocks and spinners make for eye-catching decorations, as do garden flags meant to spice up your landscaping.

Some have seasonal appeal, while others are more generic. You could even hang a pirate flag if you’re a bit of a rebel. The point is, there’s no end to how you can decorate your home with flags throughout the year.

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