Flags can unite people who share common values, show support for a cause, decorate for a celebration, and be a source of pride. But where is the best place to hang a flag in a home?

There are three common places people hang flags at home: 

  • On a freestanding pole in your yard 
  • On a pole mounted on your house
  • Framed inside on your wall

As you’re thinking about where to hang yours, the first thing you’ll have to decide is whether to hang it inside or outside.

Hanging Your Flag Outside

The biggest advantage of hanging your flag outside is that it can be seen by anyone who passes by your house. An outdoor flag is very visible, which is good if you want it to be easily noticed.

If you hang yours outside, however, it will be subject to the elements: sun, wind, rain or hail, and possibly snow. Extreme weather can cause wear and tear over time.  

Even if you bring it in for inclement weather, the sun causes most materials to fade over the years. Because of this, you may have to replace your outdoor flag periodically.   

Most Popular Places to Hang a Flag in a Home

Freestanding Flagpoles

If you decide to hang yours, one option is to install a pole in your yard. A pole offers both stability and visibility. Keep in mind that some homeowners associations may have restrictions on freestanding flagpoles.

Mounted Flagpoles

Another option for hanging yours outside is to mount a short pole on one side of your house. Most people who do this hang theirs on the front of their house to one side of the door. Like a yard pole, this offers visibility and a measure of stability. 

Hanging Your Flag Inside  

You could also hang yours inside. Displaying it inside has the advantage of keeping it out of the weather, which means that it will last longer. Of course, the downside is it can only be seen by guests who come into your home. 

If you hang it inside, you can mount it directly to the wall or get a frame. It makes a beautiful complement to a home office or study. It can also add color to a basement, bedroom, or living room.

Discover the Best Ways to Display Your Flags

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