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      These Prism Linesets include a Winder, Spectra line and Prism straps*  

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      Sand Anchors: You arrive on the beach ready to fly, look around, and there isn’t anything in sight to tie off to. What to do?? Simple — just pull a sand anchor out of your bag. This ingenious designs is made from a sheet of tough fabric with straps attached. Dig a hole in the sand, lay the fabric in the hole, fill the sand back in, and then connect your kite to the straps. Mini Anchors – (2) 6″ square anchors Large Anchors – (1) 3′ square anchor The mini anchors will hold kites that pull up to 50 pounds. The Large anchors will hold large kites, including these giants (shown above) if...

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      23″x 97″ Sky Vaders are fun, easy to fly, and look stunning in the sky. The tentacle tails flow freely from the kite giving the appearance that the kite is swimming or dancing across the sky. These bright and fun kites are fun for the whole family! Weather resistant ripstop fabric with fiberglass frame Bright fun colors in an applique design (8) attached flowing tails No assembly required, just connect kite line and go! Kite line with handle and kite bag included Recommended wind range: 6 to 20...

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      100 Foot “Skywriter” Ribbon: Leave a trail in the sky! These 100 foot ribbons are made from tough nylon sailcloth and will add excitement to any kite. Use them to accent a traditional kite or for skywriting with maneuverable kites. Available in six color combinations • Rainbow (re/orange/yellow/green/blue/purple) • Miami (blue/purple/black) • Phoenix (red/yellow/black) • Warm (red/orange/yellow) • Cool (purple/blue/green) • Patriot (red/white/blue) Each multicolored ribbon is 100 feet long, hemmed for durability, and constructed with a reinforced eyelet. The durable nylon fabric will stay bright for...

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      24″ long x 12″ wide Stuff Sacks: Use them for kites, cram them full of laundry, or store your line in them for easy transport and access — our stuff sacks are simple and indispensable Bags are made of tough nylon fabric with a round bottom. They include a drawstring and plastic...

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