Current events are troubling, and many Americans want to show support for Ukraine. One way that you can do this is by displaying the Ukrainian flag, sending the message that you stand with them during this time of war.

Read on to find out how you can display your Ukrainian flag as a sign of compassion and support.

On a Flagpole

If you want to fly your Ukrainian flag outdoors, the best way to do it will usually be to mount a flagpole. You can place the flagpole in your yard and raise the Ukrainian flag to an appropriate height. You can also mount a bracket to your porch.

That way, everyone who passes your house will see your support for Ukraine. Tall outdoor flagpoles display strong messages and give people a sense of united power.

On Your Door

The front door is a popular spot to place important flags. You can display your Ukrainian flag on the front door of your home or on your garage door. This makes your sign of support for Ukraine more intimate, indicating that the residents of your home empathize with the nation.

In Your Home

You may want to display the Ukrainian flag inside your house. Here, there are a few options for display. You can mount a flag directly on the wall or display it within a handsome frame. When guests walk into your home, they will see that you stand with Ukraine.

Many people hang flags on their walls to showcase their beliefs. Whether it’s a social justice banner or sports team flag, displaying something in your home is a sign of support. With all of the conflict in Ukraine right now, this token of compassion symbolizes a larger commitment to world peace.

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