The flag of Ukraine is an international symbol of hope and peace right now. Current events have caused destruction and violence throughout Ukraine, and many Americans are flying the Ukrainian flag as a sign of support for the nation.

Not many people know about the history of this flag and what makes it so politically significant. Read on to learn more about how the flag of Ukraine came to be.

Flag Colors

The Ukrainian flag is half blue and half yellow. The top stripe of blue represents the blue sky, and the yellow stripe represents fields of wheat under the sky. These colors reflect the working culture of the Ukrainian people and their freedom after Soviet control.

These Ukrainian flag colors were implemented after the Revolution of the Ukrainian People’s Republic. The flag was changed to a red-and-gold design under Soviet control. After the Soviet Empire disbanded, the modern flag came back as a national symbol of freedom from Soviet control.

The Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic

Under the control of the Soviets, the Ukrainian flag changed to reflect socialist principles. The Soviets changed the flag to solid red with “Y.C.C.P.” in the top left corner in gold. This flag represented the nation from 1919 to 1929.

The flag changed twice after 1937. From 1949 to 1991, the Soviets upheld a red flag with a hammer and sickle in gold. The bottom stripe of the flag was colored blue. The blue stripe was added after the Ukrainian SSR joined the United Nations.

A Modern Symbol of Freedom

After 1992, the Ukrainian people reinstated the yellow and blue national flag. This flag became a symbol of freedom from the Soviet control the nation had previously been oppressed under. The flag is hung vertically instead of horizontally on many Ukrainian public buildings.

With current events bringing death and suffering to Ukraine, the national flag once again represents a symbol of hope. The Ukrainian people bring a strong sense of fight and grit to the international table as they fight against the Russian invasion.

Show Support by Flying the Ukrainian Flag

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