Flags have been around a long time. Historically, they have been used as field markers, signs, and standards on the battlefield. Today, they’re used to represent another kind of field: the sports field.

If you’re a sports fan, you know what it’s like to bleed [insert favorite team’s color here]. As a tried-and-true fan, you might have tattoos, custom jerseys, and a cooler just for tailgating.

But where does your flag game stand? If you’re ready to take your fan status to the next level, we have some tips to get you started. All it takes is a few – you guessed it – flags.

Top Tips to Show Your Team Spirit with Sports Flags

Bring a Flag to the Next Game

With a big and bold sports flag, you can show your support from the stands. Wave it high and proud as you sing along to a fight song. Or, pump it in the air while you shout, “first down!” 

However you use your flag, you’ll be grateful for the added flair. And who knows? Maybe your dedication will land you a spot on the jumbotron. 

Give a Flag as a Gift

Do you have a loved one with an upcoming birthday? A crisp new flag could be the perfect way to spread the team spirit. And if they’re not a fan yet, this gift could be a good excuse to get them out to the next game. 

Need to find the perfect present for a college student? A flag from their school is an especially good gift to help them show their school pride.

Attach Sports Flags to Your Car

Fans who want to go the extra mile will invest in a car-mounted flag. These fixtures can be installed on your antenna, clamped to a window ledge, or mounted to the interior ceiling of your vehicle. 

Not only will the sight of your team’s flag brighten your own day, but it will be a pleasant surprise for any fans you pass by on your commute as well.

Fly Your Team’s Flag from Your House

If you don’t take any of these other tips to heart, at least invest in this one. You can fly your team’s colors beneath an existing US flag, from your porch, or mounted to your garage door. 

And if you rather have your flag indoors, consider framing and displaying it as the focal point of your den. 

Choose Elmer’s Flag and Banner for the Big Game

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