Veteran’s Day is a federally recognized American holiday that falls on the 11th day of the 11th month each year. The number 11 is significant to this holiday because it denotes the date and time that World War 1 officially ended. 

Some women wear a poppy flower pinned to their collar on this day, with the leaves pointed to the 11 o’clock position in remembrance.

This is a special day for recognizing the service of veterans in the Armed Forces. It differs from Memorial Day in that it recognizes living military service members. Memorial Day is set aside for remembering service members who have lost their lives.

There are many excellent ways to share your appreciation with a veteran on this holiday. Here are some tips for thanking the veterans in your life.

Veteran's Day - 3 Ways to Share Appreciation with Veterans This Month

1. Thank Them

Saying thank you is quite possibly the easiest way to appreciate a veteran on any day, particularly on November 11th. In addition to verbally thanking a veteran, you can partake in many local festivities designed to celebrate veterans in your area. You can:

  • Attend a parade
  • Host a local picnic
  • Decorate your house
  • Buy them a cup of coffee
  • Ask about their service

Some veterans were physically, emotionally, and psychologically affected in wars while others lost dear friends. Not all of them have strong family support systems so spending time talking with veterans and paying attention is a wonderful way to show them that we acknowledge and appreciate their service deeply.

2. Fly a Flag

Flying a flag at home is an excellent way to show appreciation for veterans on this day. Some people choose to line their walkways with miniature flags just for the holiday while others may choose to mount a flag in a special location on or in their homes. 

Regardless of how you choose to do it, flying flags are a wonderful sight for veterans to see.

When you’re flying a flag, make sure to do so properly and with full respect. American flags should be clean, in good repair, and not faded or worn. 

If you keep the flag on display 24 hours a day, you must illuminate it fully during the dark hours. If you fly multiple flags on your property, Old Glory must be flown higher than any others, whether they are on the same pole or not.

3. Volunteer

Another excellent way to show your appreciation to veterans is to volunteer. You can:

  • Give your time to a veterans’ hospital
  • Serve food at a veterans’ shelter
  • Take appreciation baskets to the service member’s family

Veteran’s Day is a time for gratitude and patriotism. To share your patriotism every day or support your favorite cause, turn to Elmer’s Flag & Banner to browse a wide array of durable, stunning patriotic, social, and supportive flags.