Outdoor advertising continues to be a thriving brand-builder amid a growing digital marketing landscape. The reason? Outdoor signage, like feather flags, captures an audience’s attention where they live, work and shop. Its immediate appeal is especially useful for small businesses with limited marketing budgets that need to generate awareness. These feather flag tactics are perfect for any small company looking to draw more customers.

Create a Shout Out for Your Business
With many businesses located in strip malls and large shopping plazas, it’s hard to get noticed by busy street traffic. A customized feather flag takes your bold logo and brand name to potential customers who are just driving by. Like a shout out on social media, a feather flag boosts your brand at the local level where it matters most.

Drive a Promotion
Whether it’s a special on specific products or services, a limited time sale, or a BOGO, feather flags cleverly customized to fit a promotional offer become powerful sales drivers. The stats show that nearly twenty-six percent of consumers who encountered outdoor ads like feather flags stopped into the promoted business. A distinctive custom feather flag with a concise and exciting offer is clearly the best ROI for generating foot traffic.

Seize Seasonal Opportunities
Nimble adaptation in their marketing efforts is what drives small business. Without the hefty cost of broadcast or digital media, brands can modify their message to relevant marketing occasions throughout the year with feather flags. Customized flags for national holidays can capture a segment of consumers from big box stores and shopping malls. For seasonal events like graduations and weddings, a customized feather flag can steer customers to your local business with timely messaging.

Creating Brand Awareness Through Customization
The versatility of feather flag advertising is in the customization. The eye-catching logo, a remarkable business name and memorable brand color schemes that define your business can establish a lasting engagement with local consumers. Strategically placed, feather flags become powerful enticements that reach consumers while driving to work or school and set your business apart from the competition that might chose to do nothing.

You are not alone in figuring out the best way to market your business with feather flags. Experts can provide meaningful help with strategy, messaging and custom designs that make your brand stand out. Speak to an outdoor advertising consultant to define a customized feather flag strategy that fits your business.