What do the Denver Broncos, Pride month, and the United States of America all have in common? You can display your love for all three with a carefully placed flag.

But where to begin? Once you’ve selected a banner, can you simply hang it from an eave and call it a day? Unfortunately, no. There are some external factors that affect your ability to let just any flag fly.

So before you plan a fantastic display for your front yard, read this blog post. We will cover everything you need to know about flag regulation, from federal laws to your HOA.

What the Federal Government Says

You have a right to display the United States flag, according to the Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005. In other words, no one—not even your HOA—can restrict you from displaying the star-spangled banner. But that’s where the federal government’s involvement in the issue begins and ends. Well, almost.

If the flag restrictions of your HOA (or other residential development) are discriminatory, you may be able to take the issue to court. The federal Fair Housing Act prevents discrimination based on a homeowner’s national origin, race, gender, religion, familial status, and so on. 

What the State Government Says

Some states have more specific guidelines that prevent an HOA from banning the use of certain flags. For example, state flags, Native American flags, and U.S. military flags could have further protections depending on your state. 

What Kinds of Flags Can I Display Outside My Home

What Your HOA Says

As you can see, the government doesn’t have a whole lot to say about your right to display flags outside your home. Instead, the regulatory body you’ll most likely have to deal with is an HOA or developer. 

These bodies can limit the place, time, and manner of your flag display, so long as the restrictions don’t limit your rights. They can also specify the size and type of flag you fly. 

With that being said, if you are locked in an argument with your HOA, check your community’s governing documents. If the restrictions are not specifically outlined, the HOA may not have the authority to limit your flag use.

Where to Buy Big, Bold, and Beautiful Flags

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