The folks who design flags tend to be very opinionated. Many believe that custom flags shouldn’t contain writing, only images and symbols. There’s some logic to this. Words can be difficult to read on a flag from a distance or from the back. The wind is also a factor.

Still, that’s not a rule. It’s just a suggestion. Besides, many state flags contain writing. Military flags do as well. There’s no reason you can’t include writing in your custom flag, but you should choose your font carefully. Sometimes adding text even helps to communicate your ideas better.

What Makes a Great Font for a Custom Flag?

The most important consideration here is going to be readability. You want your flag to make an impact and help you express yourself. That’s not going to happen if people struggle to figure out what it says. Worse, if you choose the wrong font, they might misread it entirely.

You want to choose something that people can read quickly and at some distance. Usually, the best choice is something that is quite simple. Fonts with lots of embellishments or heavily scripted fonts can be difficult to interpret.

If you are looking for fonts to consider, avoid ones that contain serifs. These are little lines and strokes that appear at the beginnings and ends of each letter. They can make writing look decorative and stylish. Unfortunately, serifs can also make writing difficult to read.

How to Choose the Best Font for Your Custom Flag

Here are some fonts that we have found to work very well in nearly any situation. You aren’t limited to these choices but should definitely consider them:

  • Arial black
  • Arial
  • Times New Roman
  • Impact
  • Gotham
  • Charter
  • Helvetica bold

If you prefer to use other fonts, that’s perfectly fine. Still, consider taking a look at these first. They exemplify the features that will make the writing on your flag easy to read and are also attractive.

Other Considerations

What else should you think about when you choose the right font for your flag? Here are a few helpful questions to consider:

Where Will You Hang Your Flag?

Are you designing a flag that will be hung outside and viewed at a distance or one that will be framed inside your home or office? If it’s the latter, you can probably choose the font you like. People will be close enough to read it clearly.

How Will You Display Your Flag?

If you hang your flag from a pole, you have to consider that wind could make it more challenging to read. On the other hand, when you hang a flag on the side of a building, you don’t have to worry about wind or movement as much.

Help with Your Font Choices

The team at Elmer’s Flag and Banner can help you choose the ideal font for your flag. Contact us about this and other custom flag options.